Our Mission Statement

“Respect for life. Reverse universal acceptance of killing as a solution to pet overpopulation by using education, low cost spay and neuter, and community involvement.”

Why Mop Up The Mess?
Turn Off The Spigot!

Goal: Address circumstances that put burdens on animal shelters and shelter workers…resulting in less violence in our communities.

Task One: Use a community approach. Find community-wide solutions supported by the community.

Task Two: Involve all entities.

Task Three: Provide a mobile spay / neuter service that Montana communities may invite to promote low cost spay / neuter programs, activities and education efforts addressing this mission and goal.

Task Four: Promote, encourage, and lead efforts initiating and passing legislation supporting this mission and goal.

Task Five: Create a model animal care / control program for rural areas that will teach values stated in our mission.

Task Six: Develop a network of Montanans and other supports concerned about the welfare of animals in the context of this mission and goal. The network list will be used to effect pursuing this mission and goal.

Task Seven: Encourage communities in efforts that create local organizations supporting this mission and goal, and who will join in carrying out these tasks.
a) Each group may become a subgroup (chapter) of the Western Montana Spay / Neuter Task Force, and be part of corporation status, sharing 501 (c) (3) tax status.
b) Chapters should consider this mission and goal when undertaking tasks.
c) Chapters must have a member of the Montana Spay / Neuter Task Force on any committee event using Montana Spay / Neuter Task Force facilities and name.

Credo: Don’t just mop up the mess, turn off the spigot!

  • A picture is worth a thousand words.
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